Dean Parmelee November 2022 CDHS Student of the Month

CD High School Student of the Month - November 2022

Cairo-Durham High School is excited to announce that Dean Parmelee is the November Student of the Month! Dean is a member of the senior class, excited to graduate in the spring. Dean is taking many college level courses, maintaining grades in the 90s. He believes that the key to his success is having a balance between academics and forming good relationships with his peers and teachers. Additionally, he knows that he will not always understand the material right away, but has found that if he gets a little assistance and then practices those new skills, he is much more successful. Dean sees himself as a role model for his peers, trying to always set a good example. He knows that his positive attitude helps others around him, because sometimes they need a good example in their lives. Dean’s College Level Government teacher, Mr. Pisano, describes him as, “putting in a great deal of effort into every assignment, going above and beyond, sometimes turning in assignments before the due date. He has a great attitude, is very respectful, and has the highest average in the class.”

Outside of the classroom, Dean is part of the new Wellness Club that takes place in the new workout room after school. He enjoys being able to be active again, since having to stop playing basketball due to some health issues. In his free time, outside of school, Dean enjoys hiking and being outside. Dean states that hiking with his girl friend, “is just a great way to bond and maintain a healthy mind.” He also enjoys video games and movies, but balances that time with reading and homework. Additionally, Dean was a supervisor at Zoom Flume over the summer and enjoyed every minute of it. After college Dean hopes to attend SUNY New Paltz and study Astronomy. Dean is pictured with his Chemistry teacher, Mr. Joshua Yaple. Cairo-Durham is very proud of Dean and is excited to honor him as Student of the Month!

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