Lauren Coletti

Looking to ensure the most festive and memorable week of activities as possible for several months, Cairo-Durham senior Lauren Coletti has taken the lead for organizing the events of Spirit Week and Homecoming. 

Coletti, the Cairo-Durham High School Student Council president, has a fun-filled slate of theme days scheduled from Monday, Oct. 3 to Friday, Oct. 7, with the “Neon Nights” themed homecoming dance culminating the week on Oct. 7 from 7:30 p.m. to 10:30 p.m. in the high school gymnasium. She was able to make this happen with the assistance of fellow councilmembers, classmates and teachers throughout the building.

“It’s been pretty crazy,” Coletti said. “We’ve been used to organizing a ‘Fall Fireball’ event, but this year I wanted it to be super special since it’s my senior year and I know how much of a big deal these events are to the school. I wanted to do a homecoming, I wanted to do the dance, to do all of the fun festivities before I get out of here.” 

Starting off the week on Monday, Oct. 3 is the theme that was most requested by students according to Coletti, “Pajama Day.” 

Then on Tuesday, Oct. 4, students will dress up for "Minion Day" as their favorite characters from the “Despicable Me” and “Minions” franchises. Coletti is excited to see Principal Jeremy Moore dress as “Dr. Nefario” and Assistant Principal Evan Klauber dress as “Gru”. 

 Wednesday, Oct. 5 will channel the summer energy with tropical shirts and shorts as it will be “Beach Day”.  

 “It’s so fun to see everybody dress up!” Coletti said. 

 Later in the day, students are invited by their class officers to decorate the gymnasium and paint bulletin boards. 

 Spotlighting Thursday, Oct. 6 will be a Pep Rally during school where students will be sporting school colors. Individual QR codes are set up for students to sign up to participate in the “Griddy Challenge”, “Minute To Win It” and “Tug-of-War” competitions. 

 “Pep rallies are typically the hardest to orchestrate,” Coletti said. “Just because you’re trying to fill this time with games to keep the kids engaged.” 

 A performance by the jazz band and recognition of the senior athletes are scheduled to take place along with the activities and cheering.  

 In the annual homecoming soccer game, the boys varsity soccer team will host Greenville at 4:15 p.m. Following the game will be the Homecoming Festival at the elementary school with a food truck, face painting and more. 

 Prior to the dance on Friday, Oct. 7, students will fully embrace the theme with “Neon Day”, wearing their brightest clothes. 

 Student Council advisor Kimberly Young commented on the responsibility Coletti has taken on and the senior’s desire to satisfy each and every student. 

 “She (Coletti) has exhibited strong leadership skills and put so much effort into this event,” Young said. “Her vision is truly becoming a reality and this event is a reflection of our student body's strength.” 

Neon Nights Homecoming theme