three middle school boys by a pond with a net and bucket

We are grateful to have so many learning opportunities in the natural environment surrounding our schools!

Seventh grade students took a “field trip” on their own school campus when instructors from the Frost Valley School Outreach Program visited CDMS for a whole day of hands-on, interactive, and engaging outdoor activities.

Students went to the pond on campus to take water samples and identify the living organisms they found. They learned outdoor skills such as “finding their bearings” using a compass, and hid objects for other groups to locate based on compass instructions. Students also bonded with nature and each other when they walked in the woods and answered questions from a Curiosity card game.

The Frost Valley school program is designed to build upon and reinforce in-school curriculum with topics such as Ecology and Science, Outdoor Skills, Arts and Nature, Stewardship and Conservation as well as team building activities.