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(Originally posted on October 1, 2020)

The voter-approved capital project is moving forward following approval by the State Education Department (SED) in the summer of 2020. The project is currently out to bid and we expect bids to be awarded in early November 2020 for the various components (e.g., general construction, electrical, mechanical, plumbing, roofing).

The SED review and approval process was shorter than anticipated, resulting in a new project timeline. New construction at the middle/high school was expected to begin in the spring of 2021 but it will begin in late December 2020 or early January 2021 instead. Construction will occur in several phases and should be completed prior to the start of the 2022 school year. Click here for an updated project timeline (PDF). Unfortunately, construction cannot be postponed. If the project is postponed, costs will increase and the District will be unable to complete the project within the voter-approved budget.

Before breaking down the phases of the project, we want to assure parents, students and staff that every health and safety precaution will continue to be enforced during construction. Contractors will have to follow the same health and safety protocols and screenings as everyone else. Additionally, to the greatest extent possible, contractors will be isolated to the areas in which they are working and interactions with students and staff will be limited.

Click here for more details about the project and scope of work.

Phase 1A

The first phase is scheduled to begin in late December 2020 or early January 2021. Phase 1A construction will transform A-wing classrooms at the front of the MS/HS into a state of the art Media Center (see the pink area in the floor plan below). During this phase, affected classes will be temporarily redistributed throughout the building.

Phase 1A also includes a new office suite for MS and HS administrative offices (see the dark blue area in the floor plan below). A single point of entry will be created to enhance security as well as convenience for school visitors. During this phase, the MS Main Office will remain in the current location and both main entrances will remain the same.

color-coded floor plan

Phase 1B

The next phase (1B) is scheduled to begin in June 2021. During Phase 1B, the Transportation Office and Distance Learning classroom behind the MS/HS auditorium will be renovated to serve the needs of our Music Technology curriculum and other Music and Visual Arts programs (see the light blue area in the floor plan below).

The Distance Learning classroom will be relocated to the A-wing, where the remaining classrooms will be reconfigured into new learning spaces and a centralized Guidance Office suite (see the orange and light purple areas in the floor plan below).

The Transportation Office will be relocated to the new administrative office suite (see the dark blue area in the floor plan below). The MS Main Office will be temporarily relocated to the MS cafeteria before permanently relocating to the new administrative office suite.

Phase 1B also includes upgrades to the track and athletic field. These areas will receive new surfacing and enhanced drainage.

Asphalt replacement and repair at the MS/HS will begin during the summer and continue through Phase 2, with work being completed during off hours and vacation breaks.

At Cairo-Durham Elementary School, work will begin on the HVAC system to bring air conditioning into elementary classrooms. This work will likely continue during Summer 2022. Contractors will also begin asbestos abatement in several classrooms and continue this work during Summer 2022. Several bathrooms will receive ADA upgrades.

Phases 1A and 1B should be completed before school starts in September 2021. Any work not completed at CDE will be resumed in Summer 2022.

color-coded floor plan

Phase 2A

During Phase 2A construction, the current HS Main Office, Guidance Office and faculty area will be transformed into necessary storage areas and new learning spaces to accommodate various educational programs/needs (see the yellow area in the floor plan below).

This phase also includes a new centralized School Nurse’s Office as well as a new faculty workroom (where the Media Center is currently located; see the light purple area in the floor plan below). A new hallway will also be constructed.

Phase 2A work will occur during “second shift” to minimize disruptions to the school day.

color-coded floor plan

Phase 2B

Phase 2B construction is scheduled to begin in June 2022. During the final phase of the project, the HS Art/Technology classroom and two HS Science classrooms will be updated to match current educational and technological standards (see the dark purple and aqua areas in the floor plan below).

Additionally, Phase 2B includes renovations to areas at the front of the MS. The current Nurse’s Office and MS faculty room will become a centralized office suite for Pupil Personnel Services (PPS). A fitness center will be constructed at the front of the building where the MS cafeteria is currently located. These areas are indicated by the green shaded area in the floor plan below. 

At Cairo-Durham Elementary School, work on the HVAC system and asbestos abatement will continue from the previous summer. The parking lot will be expanded to allow additional parking (next to the Family Dollar).

color-coded floor plan