William Stallbohm Student of the Month

Cairo-Durham is proud to announce that William Stallbohm is the March Student of the Month. William is a 10th grade student, currently enrolled in a rigorous course load of Spanish III, Civil Engineering and Architecture, Geometry and other Regents level classes.

William’s teacher, Mrs. Maassmann, describes him as being, “always prepared for class and offering to help others. Will is a model student. He takes interest in what we are doing in class and is always on task.” William believes that he is successful because, “I show up, do most of the work required, and attempt to use my gained knowledge to solve the next problem or just comic relief.”

While in school William participates in the school’s Board Game Club. He hopes to continue his education after high school to obtain a degree in H-VAC or Engineering. Outside of school he spends his time eating, sleeping, playing video games, and riding his bike. Additionally, he has climbed all of the Catskill Mountains and has been to 46 of the 50 states! 

William’s classmates say he is, “good at school, intelligent, or having all the brains over there.” Here, William is pictured with one of his favorite teachers,  Mrs. Allison Manoli, who is his teacher for Civil Engineering and Architecture. Congratulations William, and keep up the good work!