Spring Break 2023 Letter

April 6, 2023

Dear Cairo-Durham Families and Staff,

It provides me great joy to wish you and your loved ones a happy and safe April Break! I hope you all take the time to enjoy your precious time together, whether it’s on a planned vacation or recharging from home.

In the classroom, our students have been elevating the standard for achievement due in part to their determination to succeed and the comprehensive instruction from our amazing staff of dedicated professionals. Testing season is upon us and we are confident that our students and staff are prepared to excel.

Outside of the classroom, our art, music, sports, and theater programs have all been performing at a high level, and it’s been an entertaining pleasure to soak it all in! We are excited to soak in the intensity of our Spring sports matchups, passion and creativity of the arts and are still relishing in the success of “West Side Story”.

Our crew of dedicated members in administration and in the district office have been crucial to the district's daily operation and behind-the-scenes work, as we prepare the 2023-24 school year budget. We will have the full proposal to reveal in the coming weeks!

Enjoy the break, and we look forward to welcoming students, faculty and staff back in-district on Monday, April 17th.


Michael Wetherbee

Superintendent of Schools