Connected Classroom

Through the Connected Classroom initiative, the district plans to provide all middle/high school students with their own Chromebook laptops to use during the school year. The initiative will begin in September 2017 with incoming freshmen and expand to all middle/high school students (Grades 6-12) over the next few years.

Students and teachers can be “connected to the classroom” through the effective use of Chromebook laptops, Gmail and Google Apps for Education (G Suite)--whether they are in school, at home or even in another state. The Connected Classroom provides convenient ways to ask questions, look up assignments, do classwork and collaborate with one another. This 1:1 Connected Classroom initiative will allow our students to more successfully extend their classroom experiences outside of school, as well as gain the valuable technological skills needed for success in college and the workforce.

The Connected Classroom program was developed by district staff and committees, with help from outside consultants, as a way to leverage available technology and enhance educational opportunities for students and teachers alike. 

With the Connected Classroom, we no longer view computers and online tools as separate resources only to be used in special lessons. Instead, by recognizing that online resources are the everyday reality that students will face after graduation, our goal is to use them throughout daily lessons across all content areas.  We equip every teacher and student with their own laptop computer, a fast network, and a number of tools to stay organized. From this web page, we will provide a number of resources and answers to help you navigate this new initiative.

Learn more about the district's new Connected Classroom initiative in this letter from Superintendent Taibi (PDF).

If you have a question that we haven’t answered yet, please feel free to contact your school office, the district’s Information Technology Department, or see the Frequently Asked Questions webpage