teacher Mrs. Vacca and high school student Charles Smith holding a certificate

Congratulations to Charles Smith, our Cairo-Durham High School Student of the Month for June 2022! Charles has chosen to be pictured here with one of his favorite teachers, Mrs. Vacca. 

It is no surprise that Charles has been chosen to receive this award. He exhibits kindness and consideration to others on a consistent basis. He is an extremely helpful person who loves to share. Charles has a contagiously friendly personality, which is expressed by the smile and greeting that he offers to all he meets. 

Charles is a Sophomore this year at Cairo-Durham and looks forward to becoming a Junior next year as he truly enjoys spending time with his teachers and friends here at the school. 

When he is not in school, he loves playing basketball and also enjoys swimming. In addition to his amazing personality traits, he is well-known by his classmates as someone who has a passion/interest in dinosaurs. In fact, his nickname is Charzilla! 

Charles is an asset to our school in many ways and we are thrilled to be able to honor him in this way. Thank you, Charles!