two female elementary students work on a long division problem using an interactive whiteboard

One of the newest innovations in instructional technology is coming to almost every Cairo-Durham classroom by next year. Called Promethean Boards, they are essentially interactive whiteboards that easily integrate with the Google Chromebooks and apps already used by faculty and students. 

“Promethean Boards are the next evolution of Smart Boards, but they are more affordable and durable,” said Giles Felton, Director of Technology and Innovations. “They are designed to be touched and encourage more interaction among teachers and students.” 

Unlike older Smart Boards that use separate screens and projectors, Prometheans save time and are easier to use because they are all-in-one devices. Teachers can interact with content on the touchscreen without needing to go back to the Chromebook if they want to add a note or display something else. The touchscreen also eliminates the need for an endless supply of dry erase markers. 

“This is a huge upgrade for teachers’ abilities to project information and content and interact with it,” said Pete Goodwin, a district Math Coach. “The boards have fantastic screen resolution, which is important since teachers are projecting more content than ever before.”

The purchase of more than 80 Promethean Boards does not impact the general budget since the District used federal funds from the American Rescue Plan. These grant funds allow the District to take a large leap in instructional technology and enhance the educational experience at no cost to taxpayers.

The IT Department began installing Promethean Boards in elementary classrooms during the spring recess. Installations at the middle/high school will continue throughout the spring and summer so that nearly every classroom will be outfitted with a Promethean Board by September. Classrooms that cannot accommodate the boards due to layout or built-in furniture will receive new display screens that better fit those spaces.