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Namesort descending Department, Subject, or Title Email
Ms. Adrian 1st Grade Teacher
Mr. Agostinoni Math Teacher
Mrs. Albright Middle School Guidance Secretary
Ms. Alfonso Speech Teacher
Ms. Baeckmann 3rd Grade Teacher
Ms. Bailey Teaching Assistant
Ms. Bailey High School Guidance Secretary, Central Registrar
Ms. Bauer Special Education Teacher
Mr. Becker School Counselor
Ms. Benjamin 5th Grade Teacher
Mrs. Berube 3rd Grade Teacher
Mrs. Boyle Science Teacher
Ms. Bright Social Studies Teacher
Ms. Brink Teaching Assistant
Mr. Brooks Teaching Assistant
Mrs. Brown Accounts Payable, District Office
Ms. Brown School Nurse
Ms. Buonfiglio 5th Grade Teacher
Ms. Burton Science
Mrs. Busti Special Education
Mrs. Carpenter School Psychologist
Mrs. Caskey Math Teacher
Ms. Cavanagh Social Studies Teacher
Mr. Chamberlain Social Studies Teacher
Ms. Chase Kindergarten Teacher
Mrs. Choinsky 1st Grade Teacher
Ms. Christner English Teacher
Ms. Ciccone Teaching Assistant
Ms. Clark School Psychologist
Ms. Cleary Elementary School Office
Ms. Clermont Music Teacher
Mrs. Colon Secretary to the Superintendent, District Clerk
Ms. Colon Special Education Teaching Assistant
Mr. Corbett English Teacher
Ms. Coryell Physical Education Teacher
Mrs. Criswell Visual Arts Teacher
Mr. Criswell Visual Arts Teacher
Mrs. Croote Health Teacher
Ms. Cruz Teaching Assistant
Mrs. Cunningham Greene County School-Based Clinician
Mrs. Czech Assistant Principal
Mr. DeMaria Science Teacher
Ms. Diamond Nurse
Ms. Dittmar Teaching Assistant
Mrs. Dorpfeld Middle School Office
Mrs. Dougherty English Teacher
Ms. Drexler Elementary School Office
Mrs. Drossel School Social Worker, District Crisis Coordinator
Ms. Edwards Math Teacher
Mrs. Eldred Special Education Teacher
Ms. Eskesen Kindergarten Teacher
Mrs. Esmond Visual Arts Teacher
Ms. Farnsworth 1st Grade Teacher
Mr. Farrell Physical Education Teacher
Ms. Feeney Special Education Teacher
Mr. Fisher 4th Grade Teacher
Ms. Fitzgerald 4th Grade Teacher
Mr. Freeburg Physical Education Teacher
Mrs. Garcia-Smith Free/Reduced Meal Program Coordinator, Teacher Assistant
Mr. Giammarco Science Teacher
Mrs. Giarrusso Social Studies Teacher
Ms. Gleason Teaching Assistant
Ms. Golden Teaching Assistant
Mr. Goodwin Math Teacher
Mrs. Goodwin Special Education Teacher
Mrs. Gori Teaching Assistant
Mr. Gori Special Education Teacher
Mrs. Gouza Social Studies Teacher
Mr. Grounds AIS Math Teacher
Mr. Hagan Athletic Director, Physical Education Teacher
Mr. Hagan Physical Education Teacher
Ms. Hall Kindergarten Teacher
Ms. Halleran Speech
Ms. Halstrom 1st Grade Teacher
Ms. Halwick 2nd Grade Teacher
Mr. Hanley Special Education Teacher
Ms. Hasbrook Special Education Teacher
Mrs. Heilmann Guidance Counselor
Ms. Hermance Teaching Assistant
Ms. Herrmann AIS Teacher
Ms. Hicks School Social Worker
Mr. Higgins Science Teacher
Ms. Houghtaling High School Office
Ms. Ivino Math Teacher
Ms. Izzo Teaching Assistant
Mrs. Jones Math Teacher
Mrs. Karker Modern Language Teacher
Mr. Karker Guidance Counselor
Ms. Kellegher 3rd Grade Teacher
Mr. Kikpole Director of Technology and Innovations
Ms. Kirch Special Education Teacher
Mrs. Kubicek Special Education
Mrs. Kuhn 3rd Grade Teacher
Ms. Lacitignola Teaching Assistant
Ms. LaFever Special Education Teacher
Ms. Lang English Teacher
Ms. LaPierre Technology Teacher
Mr. Lawton Director of Facilities
Ms. Ledinick Teaching Assistant
Mrs. Lee Special Education Teacher
Mrs. Lewis English Teacher
Mrs. Little Visual Arts Teacher
Mrs. Lopez Special Education Teacher
Ms. Loughran English Teacher
Mrs. Lugo Special Education Teacher
Mr. Maassmann Attendance Supervisor
Mrs. Maassmann Business Teacher
Ms. MacGiffert Pre-Kindergarten Teacher
Mrs. Manoli Science Teacher, Technology Teacher
Ms. Marcus Psychologist
Ms. Maresco English Teacher
Ms. McCabe Visual Arts Teacher
Ms. McCabe Treasurer
Mr. McCabe Music Teacher
Ms. McDonagh AIS Teacher
Mrs. McKeon Teaching Assistant
Ms. Mentes AIS Teacher
Mrs. Metzler English Teacher
Ms. Meyers Social Studies Teacher
Mrs. Miner Modern Language Teacher
Mr. Miriello Business Official
Mrs. Misasi Modern Language Teacher
Mrs. Molnar Modern Language Teacher
Ms. Mooney 4th Grade Teacher
Mr. Moore High School Principal
Mr. Morrissey Director, Pupil Services
Mrs. Morton English Teacher
Mrs. Mudge Math Teacher
Mr. Munro Social Studies Teacher
Mrs. Murphy English Teacher
Ms. O'Brien Special Education Teacher
Mrs. O'Flynn Special Education Teacher
Ms. Olson English as a New Language Teacher
Mrs. Palmer Special Education
Mr. Pangburn Science Teacher
Ms. Pebler Nurse
Mrs. Petronio High School Office
Mrs. Pine Media Center Specialist
Mrs. Pinnella Teaching Assistant
Mr. Pisano Social Studies Teacher
Ms. Pollard 5th Grade Teacher
Ms. Quick-Antonette Nurse
Mrs. Rath 4th Grade Teacher
Ms. Ray Secretary to the Business Manager, Employee Attendance
Mr. Reeve Computer Administrator
Ms. Rell Teaching Assistant - Library
Ms. Robbiani Speech Teacher
Mrs. Roe Math Teacher
Mrs. Rowlands Teaching Assistant
Mrs. Russell 6th Grade Special Education
Ms. Russell 2nd Grade Teacher
Mr. Russello 4th Grade Teacher
Ms. Saccoccie Kindergarten Teacher
Mrs. Salvino 5th Grade Teacher
Mrs. Sausto Science Teacher
Mrs. Savoia CPSE / Curriculum & Instruction Secretary
Mrs. Scheitinger Home and Careers Teacher
Mr. Schips Principal
Ms. Searing-Burke Transition Coordinator
Ms. Selner Nurse
Mrs. Seymour General Music Teacher
Mr. Shufelt Math Teacher
Mr. Singer 1st Grade Teacher
Ms. Squires ELA Teacher
Ms. Stalter Physical Education Teacher
Mr. Stein Principal
Mrs. Stiverson Science Teacher
Mr. Stowe Instrumental Music Teacher
Ms. Thompson Special Education Teacher
Mrs. Trembacz Music Teacher
Mrs. Trunzo RTI Coordinator
Ms. Vacca Special Education Teaching Assistant
Ms. Wagar 5th Grade Teacher
Ms. Wanek Special Education
Ms. Werking School Psychologist
Ms. Westfall Guidance Counselor
Ms. Whitbeck Payroll
Mrs. Whitbeck 2nd Grade Teacher
Ms. Whittam Guidance
Mrs. Williams 5th Grade Teacher
Mr. Witazek Assistant Principal
Ms. Wood Greene County School-Based Clinician
Ms. Wood Teaching Assistant
Mr. Yaple Chemistry Teacher
Ms. Young Social Studies Teacher
Ms. Zindell 2nd Grade Teacher