Questions & Answers

Is the proposed budget within the tax levy cap?
Yes. Cairo-Durham’s estimated tax levy increase for 2018-19 is 1.95 percent. This is well below the District’s maximum allowable tax levy increase of 3.03% (as calculated under the state’s tax cap guidelines).
Is there a property tax rebate this year?
Yes, the NYS Property Tax Rebate applies to the years 2016 through 2019 and is for homeowners who receive the STAR exemption, make less than $200,000 a year and live in school districts that pass budgets at or below the tax levy cap. Cairo-Durham’s budgets have stayed within the calculated tax cap over the last several years and will do so again for 2018-19. Therefore, taxpayers who meet the eligibility requirements should receive a rebate check from the state.
How will the budget and propositions be listed on the ballot on May 15, 2018?
What happens if the budget is defeated?
If the budget is not approved on May 15, the District may submit the original budget or submit a revised budget to the voters on June 19. If the resubmitted/revised budget proposal is not approved by the required margin, the Board of Education must adopt a contingency budget that levies a tax no greater than that of the prior year (0% increase in tax levy). In that case, the District would likely see reductions in staff or programs and could not allow buildings/grounds to be used by the public free of charge.
What if I have questions?
For further information, please call the District Office at 518-622-8534 (ext. 25010) or visit our website and click on the “Budget & Tax Information” link.