Bus Stop Guidelines

We ask that each student be at their stops FIVE minutes prior to the time of the bus’s arrival.

Each student needs to be safely visible while waiting at their stop, dressed for the weather and ready to board. Students should not wait in a house or in the garage. They should be standing 15 feet from the road, lined up, and waiting for the bus door to open.

Parents/guardians are responsible for assisting their students in getting to and from any bus stop.

If parents/guardians are assisting their young students to cross, please follow the same “HOW TO CROSS SAFELY PROCEDURES:”  

  • Wait for the universal NYS driver hand signal indicating that it's safe to proceed.
  • The horn is the universal NYS danger signal to warn children if a motorist is running the flashers. The horn signal means, "Return to the side of the road you started from at once!"

Students should never be playing in leaves, puddles, or snow piles or anywhere near the road. If there is a crosser at your stop, know that they will be attended to first.

Please remind your student never to chase a bus. Chasing the bus is dangerous!

Buses are not allowed to return for a student who is not out at their stop at their designated time and therefore miss the bus.

Please realize that buses cannot wait one (1) minute for students to come out of their house. If buses had to wait one (1) minute for each student on the bus, and there are forty (40) students on the bus, the bus would be forty (40) minutes late for school. 

If the bus is later than 10 minutes, call the Transportation Office at 518-622-2236 for an update on their arrival.


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