College Credits at CDHS

College-in-the-High School

Students at Cairo-Durham High School can earn college credits through the “College-in-the-High-School” program. This program allows CDHS students to gain college credit for work completed through Columbia-Greene Community College, all without having to leave the CDHS campus.

The C-GCC College-in-the-High-School program provides students with college-level coursework experience and an alternative to Advanced Placement (AP) courses. Credits earned are typically transferrable to other higher education institutions that accept coursework from C-GCC.

Click here for more information about Columbia-Greene Community College’s College-in-the-High-School program, or contact the CDHS Guidance Department

Other Ways to Earn College Credits at CDHS

All of our Advanced Placement (AP) courses can lead to college credits if a student scores high enough an the AP exam. 

Students can also earn college credits through Project Lead The Way courses in the Technology Department. These credits from Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT) are dependent on exam scores. 

Courses Offered

CDHS students can choose from dozens of courses that can lead to college credit in subjects such as English, Science, Math, Foreign Language and Art. Download the CDHS Curriculum Guide (PDF, 352 KB) and see examples of credit-bearing courses (pp. 1-2, marked with an asterisk*; course descriptions beginning on p. 8). 

For more information or to contact a guidance counselor, visit the CDHS Guidance Office webpage >>