Capital Project (2014-2016)

Previous Capital Project Information (2014-2016)

(October 2016) -- Click here to read an update letter from Superintendent Taibi.

(August 2016) -- Phase 2 of the capital project is underway:

  • Water system work at Cairo-Durham Middle/High School is in progress and on schedule
  • At Cairo-Durham Elementary School, the playground has been removed in preparation for the new playground, which will be ready prior to the start of the 2016-17 school year
  • New A/C is being installed in the remaining classrooms and offices at CDMS/CDHS.  This work will be completed by the beginning of the 2016-17 school year, with the exception of the Art room and Home & Careers room (the district is waiting on the arrival of new units for these rooms, though work is expected to be finished prior to the first day of school)
  • Paving work at both campuses has been repackaged to be sent back out to bid in order to stay within budget, with hopes of having that work completed in the fall

About the Project

The Cairo-Durham Central School District's capital project was passed on December 16, 2014. This project has no additional impact to taxpayers.

The project aims to increase safety for students and staff, enhance security features in both buildings, improve efficiency of resources, and update features for optimal functionality. Many of the proposed changes were recommended after past building condition surveys.

Click here to see a presentation about the capital project.

Improved Safety and Security

To improve building security in the elementary school, the project will create a single point of access at the front entrance near the main office. It will also replace existing locks with intruder locks in all student occupied areas in both buildings. In the interest of keeping students as safe as possible, the project will include asbestos abatement throughout the elementary school, and the extension of a fire rated partition in each building.

Efficient Use of Resources

The project would open up space in both buildings to accommodate better for school events. It will move the K-2 playground to the area opposite the 3-5 playground at the elementary school and will make room for an additional 60 parking spaces, and update both playgrounds. It would also create a new bus loop at the elementary school, thus allowing for the separation of bus drop-off and pick-up from vehicle traffic, and for 42 additional parking spaces. The middle and high school building’s parking lot would also be redesigned to allow for the separation of vehicle and bus traffic.

Necessary Refurbishments and Changes

In the middle and high school building, much of the focus will be on updating elements that require regular renewal. This includes the replacement of aged doors, windows, floors, and ceilings. Air conditioning will be installed in certain areas that have had a history of growing too warm in the late spring and early fall months. A water treatment system will be put in place to ensure that water is safe and clean for drinking.