Capital Project Planning - Community Input

January 2018

What ideas, suggestions, questions and/or concerns do you have about the future of our schools?

As the district begins the planning stages for a capital improvement project, the Cairo-Durham CSD Board of Education and Superintendent of Schools want to hear your opinion. Input received will be instrumental in developing the focus of an upcoming capital improvement plan. 

Please use the following form to send us your thoughts! (We kindly ask that you do not focus on the past, and instead use this form to share your thoughts about where you would like to see Cairo-Durham CSD go in the future and how you think we can get there. We have provided a few questions about the future of facilities, educational environments and academic programming at our schools, as well as an opportunity to share other ideas.)

All questions are optional, including your contact information. If you would like the district to follow up with you regarding any of your comments, please make sure you include your contact info at the bottom. 

**This form is now closed.**