The Future of Cairo-Durham Schools: Community Considerations for a Capital Improvement Project

How must our schools change or adapt to better meet student needs into the future?

This question and others were answered during two community forums held by the Cairo-Durham Central School District on November 30 and December 5, 2017.

Nearly 50 members of the school and local communities--including staff, students, parents, administrators, district residents and local legislators--participated in roundtable conversations to discuss the future of our schools and how the district can begin preparing for the decades to come. The conversations focused on planning a capital improvement project and the future of facilities, educational environments and academic programming at our schools. 

If you were not able to attend the community conversations, you can still provide your ideas, suggestions, questions, etc. using this web form.

community table discussion

Small groups brainstormed ideas in response to four questions, then shared their ideas with the larger group. Notes were recorded, combined and summarized to be shared with the greater community.

The summaries are written below. You can also view photos of the "mind maps" created by forum participants. 

The Questions

In addition to addressing aging facilities and infrastructure, the District must decide what facilities and programs are viable for the future, and how to ensure that any projects are consistent with future plans both structurally and educationally. Therefore, community members were asked to discuss the following questions:

  1. The college and work environment will look very different for our Kindergarten class when they graduate in 2030. What skills and characteristics do our students need to have in order to be successful in the 21st century workplace?
  2. Our academic and program offerings need to be relevant and aligned to the work environment so that our students graduate with college and career readiness. What programmatic changes do we need to make (e.g., modeled after working environment, internships)? What academic or program offerings would position our district as a premier school program and encourage families to move their children to Cairo-Durham CSD (as opposed to other area districts)?
  3. Our facilities and learning spaces need to change in order to best support this learning. What infrastructure or facility changes does the district need to consider to better meet student needs into the future?
  4. The school district wants to continue to position our schools as the center of our community. How can we ensure that our facilities best support the needs of our community, during and after school hours?

The Discussions

Table 1

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Additional Notes

Share Your Thoughts

If you were not able to attend the community conversations, you can still provide your ideas, suggestions, questions, etc. using this web form


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