Committee on Preschool Special Education (CPSE)

The purpose of the Committee on Preschool Special Education (CPSE) is to determine if a preschool-aged child between the ages of 3 through 5 is eligible for preschool special education services and to ensure that they receive the support necessary to prepare them to enter kindergarten.

About the referral process:
If you have concerns about your preschool child’s speech, language, learning, physical, or behavioral development, you may refer him or her to the CPSE for an evaluation. You will receive a packet containing a Consent to Evaluate form, a list of approved evaluation sites, a notice of Procedural Safeguards (PDF), a Medical/Immunization form and a Registration form (which will require proof of district residency).

Please Note: Children who are currently receiving Early Intervention Services for children aged birth to 3 years through the Department of Health and are approaching their third birthday may also access the preschool special education process if there are continued concerns about their development in any area. Your child's Early Intervention service coordinator is responsible for assisting you in making this transition.

After receiving the packet, parents choose an evaluation site from the provided list and make an appointment for a multi-disciplinary evaluation. This evaluation is of no cost to parents. The consent form must be signed and returned prior to the evaluation to:

Mary Savoia, CPSE Secretary
1301 Route 145
Cairo, NY 12413

Fax: 518-622-2948


If you would like more information regarding the preschool evaluation process or implications of the evaluation prior to referring your child, contact Mary Savoia at 518-622-0261.

Further information on preschool special education services can be found here.