Parking Policies

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The following information provides the guidelines, policies and procedures for student parking at Cairo-Durham Middle/High School. Parking information for parents/guardians and visitors (PDF) is also included. Click here to download the student parking guidelines as a PDF. 

Color-Coded Parking Map: Download this helpful color-coded map (PDF) to see parking areas for students, staff and visitors. 

Please read carefully (and consider printing or bookmarking this page for easy future reference).

Cairo-Durham High School Student Parking Guidelines

Applications for student parking will be available in the main office beginning Monday, August 12, 2019. The completed application and other required items (see #1 in the list below) should be returned to the main office.

Students will receive an email when their parking permit is ready for pick-up in the main office. Please call ahead to make sure someone will be available when you arrive (518-622-8543). Office hours are 8 a.m. to 2 p.m.

To guarantee you have a parking permit on the first day of school (Wednesday, September 4, 2019), applications should be submitted NO LATER than THURSDAY, August 29th, and parking tags picked up NO LATER than FRIDAY, August 30th.

This year, Juniors may also submit applications in advance beginning on August 12th. However, no 11th grade permits will be distributed until Monday, September 9th. Juniors with valid permits/parking tags will be allowed to park on campus beginning Tuesday, September 10th.

Unless previously approved by the administration, students arriving without a parking tag will be sent home.

1. In order to receive a parking permit for the semester, students must submit the following materials for the primary vehicle, as well as any other regularly driven vehicles, to be retained by the Office until destroyed at the conclusion of the semester:

  • A Student Parking Application & Agreement Form (PDF) signed by both parent/guardian and the student
  • A copy of his/her current valid NYS driver’s license
  • A copy of the valid vehicle registration
  • A copy of the current valid car insurance identification card (please check the dates on the card)
  • A $20 CASH deposit, which will be returned to you when the parking tag is turned into the main office

2. All vehicles that “could” be driven into school should be listed on the application form. You must provide the required documentation (registration and insurance card) for the primary vehicle you will be driving (listed first on application*), as well as any other vehicles that will be driven for an extended period of time (4 consecutive weeks) or on a regular basis. If you must drive another vehicle to school that is not listed, either email the Assistant Principal at in advance or notify the main office upon arriving to school.

3. No applications or partial applications will be accepted without all four valid documents and cash deposit being submitted. Please check the expiration date on your insurance card before you apply. Students are not permitted to park on campus until all paperwork and fees have been submitted unless prior permission is received by the Assistant Principal.

4. Applications will be accepted August 12-September 6, 2019. Seniors can pick up parking tags beginning Monday, August 19th. Juniors can submit applications beginning August 12th, however Junior parking tags will not be distributed until Monday, September 9th. Unless previously approved by the administration, students arriving without a parking tag will be sent home. Due to the limited number of spaces, sophomores and freshman will NOT be permitted to park on campus. NOTE: Parking is based on grade level status, not age. Therefore, if you are 17 years old but not considered a Junior, you CANNOT park on campus.

5. Parking spaces will be assigned on a first come first served basis. While students do not get to choose their assigned spaces, the administration will “consider” (not guarantee) special requests if the reason is deemed valid.

6. Parking tags should be displayed from the rear-view mirror with the tag number facing the windshield. If you do not have a rear-view mirror, the tag should be placed on the dash with tag number facing the window. If your tag is broken, return it to the main office for a new one. If you lose your tag, you must obtain a new one and pay an additional $20 deposit. Unreturned tags will result in a forfeiture of the $20 deposit.

7. Tags cannot be shared or exchanged with another student unless you receive “prior” approval from the Assistant Principal.

8. Park in your assigned spot. If someone is in your assigned space, park in an unassigned space at the end of one of the teacher/staff rows and notify the main office so it can be documented.

9. Parking spaces cannot be shared or exchanged with another student unless you receive “prior” approval from the Assistant Principal.

10. Students who park illegally in designated handicapped parking spots, in a fire lane, or without a parking pass may be ticketed by the local Police Department (or towed) in addition to the disciplinary actions.

11. Students who are frequent violators of school parking policies or refuse to comply with a request to move their vehicles are subject to having their vehicles towed. Tickets and impoundment are only approved and requested by the building principal or his/her designee (when principal is out of the building). Students are responsible for all fees involved with ticketing and impoundment.

12. Driving to and from Questar is a “privilege” that can and will be taken away should a student not abide by the prescribed guidelines. Students will be eligible to drive to Questar after the first interim report, given they meet the following criteria:

  1. Demonstrate a need (employment or special circumstance)
  2. Be in good academic standing (not failing three courses)
  3. Have a commendable disciplinary record (three or fewer referrals per marking period and no major infractions)
  4. Have satisfactory attendance, both absences and tardies (see #20)*
  5. Receive permission from the CDHS Assistant Principal

13. Students failing three (3) or more subjects will have their parking privileges revoked until they are in good academic standing.

14. Due to District policy, students who have permission to drive to Questar cannot transport other students to and from the facility regardless of Questar’s policy.

15. The administration understands that from time to time situations come up that warrant special consideration. When these occur, the administration is typically willing to accommodate these requests as long as students follow the proper protocol. Should a student have a circumstance that strays outside the parking guidelines, s/he should contact the Assistant Principal beforehand to discuss the matter and get any prior approval that may be required. If the situation does not allow for adequate advanced notice, the student should seek out the Assistant Principal upon arriving to school. Failure to do so may result in a denial of the request and/or possible disciplinary action.

16. Because parking is a privilege and located on school property, school officials and local authorities have the right to search a student’s vehicle if they have reasonable suspicion to believe that it may contain anything (e.g., drugs, weapons) that may endanger other students and/or school personnel, cause substantial disruption to the educational environment, or be in violation of the Code of Conduct.   

17. The school is not responsible or liable for any damage to, or loss of vehicle or personal property. Students should keep their vehicles locked at all times while parked on campus.

18. In the case of an accident on campus involving a student and his/her vehicle, as required by law, the proper authorities should be contacted. Additionally, administration will be notified as soon as possible.

19. An excess of six (6) late arrivals to school per quarter will be considered a violation of the parking guidelines and result in the suspension of parking privileges for the remainder of the marking period.

20. Any Code of Conduct infractions or violations related to parking, student vehicles, or student behavior in the parking lot that is deemed disruptive or unsafe by administration (see Parking and Driving Violations and Infractions handout), will result in revocation of parking privileges and possible disciplinary actions.  

21. A progressive disciplinary approach will be used when dealing with students who do not adhere to the school’s expectations, Code of Conduct, and parking regulations (see Parking and Driving Violations and Infractions handout) based on the seriousness of the violation and discipline record of the student. The following steps will be taken if a student violates the parking guidelines while in possession of a valid parking permit:

  • First violation: up to 10-week suspension of parking privileges, parental notification
  • Second violation: up to 20-week suspension of parking privileges, parental notification
  • Third violation: up to 40-week suspension of parking privileges, parental notification


Please note that depending on the severity of a particular driving/parking infraction, disciplinary referral (student behavior) or the student’s academic standing, the administration reserves the right to suspend a student’s parking privileges indefinitely at any time during the school year.

Students who lose their driving privilege but continue to drive to school risk having their vehicle towed and impounded at the owner’s expense. Additional disciplinary action may be administered depending on the severity of misconduct.

Parking and Driving Violations and Infractions

Below are examples of violations and infractions that may lead to a loss of parking privileges. Please note that the list is not inclusive of all violations as it is not possible to include all possible infractions. Remember, you are responsible for your passengers.

Parking Violations:

●      Not displaying parking tag on rear view mirror (space number facing glass)

●      Allowing another student to use your tag to park his/her vehicle

●      Parking a vehicle not on record with the main office

●      Parking without a school permit

●      Parking in a spot other than the one assigned

●      Parking in an undesignated area (grass, faculty lot, etc.)

●      Parking a vehicle in a manner that infringes upon another vehicle’s ability to park or exit his or her vehicle in a safe manner (e.g., parking over the line into another space, parking diagonally, etc.)

●      Other parking infractions

Driving Violations:

●      Excessive revving of the engine

●      Excessive beeping of the horn

●      Excessive playing of loud music or “other” sounds

●      Throwing items out of a vehicle

●      Allowing someone to ride unsafely in or on your vehicle (e.g., in the back of a pick-up, on the hood, hanging out the window, etc.)

●      Other behaviors that are disruptive, cause a nuisance, or distract other drivers

●      Impeding the progress of another vehicle or the flow of traffic

●      Driving in unauthorized or restricted area (e.g., bus lane, on the grass, etc.)

●      Excessive stop-and-go driving or hard braking

●      Driving excessively slow

●      Speeding

●      Peeling out (burning rubber) or intentionally tearing up the lawn or grassy area

●      Doing doughnuts

●      Driving in a slalom-like manner

●      Passing another vehicle in an unsafe manner or when not warranted

●      Other forms of driving recklessly

Code of Conduct Infractions:

●      Excessive tardiness to school

●      Leaving campus during the school day without permission or cutting class

●      Leaving campus to get lunch

●      Driving another student to or from Questar

●      Knowingly driving another student off campus during the school day when that student does not have permission to do so

●      Going to your vehicle during the school day without permission

●      Displaying offensive or inflammatory material on or from within your vehicle

●      Walking/jumping on, or moving in the path of, a vehicle; attempting to open the door of a vehicle in motion; throwing an item into or at a vehicle

●      Smoking in the vehicle while on campus

●      Having drugs, drug paraphernalia, or weapons (e.g., knives) in the vehicle

●      Other Code of Conduct Infractions