English as a New Language (ENL)

The Pupil Personnel Services Department administers Special Education, English as a New Language (ENL), Homeless Education, Title I programs and other federal and state grant programs across the school district.


English as a New Language
English as a New Language (ENL) programs provide additional support to students whose native language is other than English. Every student registering for school in our district is asked to report their native language. Those meeting state guidelines are provided ENL support.

Further information on English as a New Language can be found here.


Title I and Other Grant Programs
The federal government provides support for disadvantaged students through the Title I grant program. Information on Cairo-Durham's Title I programming is available here. The department manages the district's Title I allocations. Other grant programs managed by the department include, but are not limited to Title IIA:  Teacher and Principal Training and Recruiting Fund and Title IV: Rural Education Achievement Program.


Other Programs
The Director of Pupil Personnel Services serves as the district's Title IX Officer (Sexual Harassment Policy), Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) Officer, Medicaid Compliance Officer, 504 Accommodation Plan Compliance Officer.


Important Links

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Department Contacts
Department Phone: (518) 622-0261
Department FAX: (518) 622-2948

Director, Pupil Personnel Services
Douglas Morrissey

Pupil Services Office Manager
Cindy Damberg

CPSE Secretary
Mary Savoia