Update on February 27 Lockdown

Thursday, March 1, 2018

Following the lockdown events of Tuesday, February 27, we are all thankful to the students and staff who acted appropriately to curb a potentially dangerous situation. However, it is important to clarify inaccurate information reported by the media so our community has a clear understanding of what transpired at Cairo-Durham High School this past Tuesday.

First, despite the media reports, there was never an indication of a potential shooting. While it is true that the student who made the alleged threat had a bullet in his possession, it is important to emphasize that there were no firearms. In addition to showing the bullet to his classmates, the student allegedly had a list of names. After thorough investigation, there was no list but the student did allegedly admit to saying he had one when asked by other students. The reason the school went into lockdown is because the student walked out of the main office during the initial investigation with administrators. A lockdown was called to ensure the safety of everyone in the building until law enforcement could confirm there was no immediate threat. We are unable to disclose specific disciplinary actions taken with students, however students who are found to have made such threats face consequences through our school’s Code of Conduct, as well as potential legal ramifications. We are grateful for the rapid response by local and state law enforcement as well as the preparedness of our administrators and staff.

We commend the multiple students who came forward in an appropriate manner and we will continue to emphasize to all that if you see or hear something, the best way to handle the situation is to immediately tell a trusted adult. We encourage all students and staff to continue to be responsibly proactive if faced with similar circumstances in the future. The district routinely conducts emergency drills in preparation for this type of event. However, students may find the implementation of these emergency response procedures upsetting. You may choose to speak with your child to provide reassurance, and can find resources on our website along with a statement from Superintendent Taibi: https://goo.gl/A8Pdi4

Lastly, the school district is the first and best source of information about what's happening in our schools. We understand the need for the community to receive real-time updates, but in the interest of safety and accuracy, that’s not always possible. Only after we have the facts and can safely say there is no immediate threat are we able to share information publicly. We encourage you to use your discretion when reading and sharing social media posts. Please be assured that we will share updates when we can, and we have different resources--including our website, calling system, and social media pages--through which important information will be shared.

Thank you for your attention to this important matter.


Anthony J. Taibi, Superintendent of Schools