Sweetheart & Heroes Community Seminar - May 9th, MS/HS Auditorium

Cairo-Durham Central School District will be hosting Sweetheart & Heroes on Monday, May 9 at the MS/HS. Sweetheart & Heroes is an anti-bullying organization that believes in educating society about the impact that bullying has on all of our schools, neighborhoods and individuals.  The goals of Sweethearts and Heroes are to:

  • Empower all students with an action plan;
  • Enhance the school climate to stop bullying;
  • Redefine bullying, bystanders, and victims of bullying;
  • Provide choices for students; and,
  • Educate all stakeholders in the process.

They will be presenting assemblies throughout the day for students in grades K-12 and providing staff training after school.  Additionally, there will be a Community Seminar that evening.  Cairo-Durham Central School District IS ASKING ALL COMMUNITY STAKEHOLDERS TO ATTEND AND HELP SUPPORT US AS WE LOOK TO CHANGE THE CULTURE OF BULLYING AS WE KNOW IT!  There will be food and drink starting at 5:30 pm with the Sweetheart & Hero Community Seminar starting at 6 pm.  Join CDCSD as we not only work to help victims, but empower bystanders to make a difference.  We all have the potential to be someone’s hero!