Students Help Grow Native Tree Population

students stand outside holding shovels and pine tree seedlings

On May 8th, Cairo-Durham students planted 40 white pine trees behind the middle/high school. The seedlings were donated by the Saratoga Department of Forestry as part of their effort to build populations of native New York tree species.

White pine is a tree native to New York State and is a crucial part of many ecosystems. These trees provide many benefits, including improving air quality, soil stabilization, creating windbreaks, and providing essential cover and food for many wildlife species.

More than a dozen middle and high school students volunteered to stay after school and participate in the planting with eighth grade Science teacher, Mr. Eckard. The planting location was selected by the Maintenance Department.

We are looking forward to having these native trees on campus!

From the DEC website: The State Tree Nursery's School Seedling program provides free seedlings to schools for hands-on education programs. When students plant tree seedlings, they can see for themselves the structure of trees, and learn what trees need and how trees grow. Teachers can incorporate what trees need to survive and the benefits trees provide into science, math and other subjects of study. Students also become aware that they can play a role in protecting the environment through personal involvement in establishing a grove of trees.


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