Stop Motion Animations (VIDEO)

The stop motion animation project in Media Arts 8 generates a lot of student enthusiasm, said middle school teacher Justine Criswell. She teaches the course along with Elisabeth LaPierre.

“The daily excitement and creative problem-solving that students engage in makes this my favorite assignment in Media Arts 8,” said Mrs. Criswell. “There is so much that goes into creating a stop motion animation that makes it a great multimodal learning activity.”

Students spent weeks learning about photography and developing storyboards to plan out their stop motion animations. Working in groups, they made decisions about scenes, sound effects, scriptwriting and props. When they were ready to film, the groups spent a few days taking photos for their scenes using a stop motion application on iPad minis.

The students also learned about video editing using iMovie on MacBook Air computers. They worked for two days uploading their animation filming, sound effects, voice-overs, background sound and transitions.

Despite all the time and effort it takes to create a single stop motion animation, this project remains one of the highlights of Media Arts 8. Unfortunately the third quarter Media Arts 8 class could not have their "Movie Day" in school, but here are some of the movies they made:

"The Alligator Outbreak"


"Racing Through School"