Spelling Bee dominated by 8th grader & 3rd grader

Drew and Kingston stand in front of the stage with spelling bee moderators, Mrs. Howell and Mrs. Murphy

Cairo-Durham students participated in the district spelling bee on January 5. Although students must be in grades 4-8 in order to be eligible for the regional spelling bee, a few students from the lower grades at Cairo-Durham Elementary were invited to participate in the district competition.

After 27 rounds of exciting competition, Drew Sirago (Grade 8) was declared the winner after correctly spelling “allegiance.” Kingston Czajkowski, who is only in third grade, put on a stellar spelling performance and was named the runner-up (out of 28 participants). Kingston impressively spelled words such as "implacable," "suet" and "thaumaturge."

Both students received gift certificates to Barnes & Noble, as well as online subscriptions for Encyclopedia Britannica.