School Resource Officers

Deputies Joanne Rivera and Steven Espel

August 2018

The Cairo-Durham Central School District welcomes two School Resource Officers (SROs) to its campuses this fall. Deputies Joanne Rivera and Steven Espel from the Greene County Sheriff’s Department will be present in Cairo-Durham schools five days a week during the upcoming school year.

The SROs will work closely with students and staff to create a safe school environment through various mediation and educational activities. This includes mediation of negative situations and participation in the planning and practice of district safety drills. Additionally, the SROs will help educate students and parents on bullying, internet safety, drug and alcohol awareness, vaping and e-cigarette health issues, and other topics as requested by the District.

"We view the addition of SROs as a proactive approach to providing a safe, positive environment for our school community," said Cairo-Durham Superintendent, Anthony Taibi. "Besides the obvious safety enhancements that come with adding SROs, they will also serve as educators and mentors for our students."

Deputy Espel (right) will be in Cairo-Durham Elementary and Deputy Rivera (left) will be located in Cairo-Durham Middle/High School.