Safety Patrol Presents to the Board

safety patrol members and Deputy Espel

October 29, 2020

Members of the CDE Safety Patrol presented to the Board of Education on October 22, 2020 along with School Resource Officer, Deputy Espel from the Greene County Sheriff’s Office. They talked about what it’s like being on Safety Patrol and how they earn badges.

Safety Patrol members work with Deputy Espel to keep students safe in the hallways and on school buses. One goal of the CDE Safety Patrol is to enhance the safety of our students while promoting the development of leadership skills and good citizenship qualities.

A safety patroller’s job is to model for other students the safety rules that have been taught in the classroom. Duties include hallway monitoring and helping students get to their classes or designated areas safely. Patrollers, who wear lime green safety belts when on duty, receive instructions on safety guidelines and procedures during their monthly patrol meetings with Deputy Espel.

Safety Patrol members earn badges by being on time to their post in the morning, wearing their safety belts during the school day, doing their homework and keeping up with their class work. There are four types of badges: Patrol Badge, Sergeant Badge, Lieutenant Badge and Captain Badge.

“I have a total of 40 active members currently,” said Deputy Espel.

Due to the unique circumstances of this school year related to COVID-19, only 20 patrollers at a time can be on duty.

“We decided to do two-month rotations,” said Deputy Espel. “Group 1 will patrol for two months and then switch off with Group 2.”

Characteristics of Safety Patrol members include being responsible, respectful, cooperative, and helpful. Members of Safety Patrol must remain in good academic standing in all subject areas and model good behavior choices. Two discipline referrals result in dismissal from Safety Patrol.

“They all did a great job presenting to the Board,” said Deputy Espel.