Safety Certificates in Pre-K

pre-kindergarten students and deputy sheriff

Safety first! Deputy Espel, CDE’s School Resource Officer, has been working with Mrs. MacGiffert’s pre-kindergarten students to teach them about “stranger danger” and personal safety, particularly how vital it is to know important information about themselves and their families in case of an emergency.

After reading a book and having a class discussion, Deputy Espel challenged them all to work toward being able to tell a police officer or a trusted grown-up their safety information. This includes their first and last names, parent names and phone numbers as well as their physical address.

Booklets to review this information were sent home and children who returned completed books earned a certificate. Mrs. MacGiffert is exploring options to order pizza from the cafeteria for a pizza party if all the students achieve the goals that were set. They are keeping track of the progress using charts in the classroom.