Music Medicine Project: Part 2 (VIDEO)

April 28, 2020

In times of crisis, people cling to hope to help them get through the difficult moments that each day may bring. Music, along with other art forms, inspires hope. That is why Cairo-Durham Music teacher Sarah Clermont started the Music Medicine project.

“Several Cairo-Durham students and alumni felt compelled to share some of their musical and artistic creations to inspire hope for our community,” said Mrs. Clermont.

Each week, Mrs. Clermont has been posting the musical creations shared by Cairo-Durham students and alumni.

“We want to help bring hope, joy, levity, and healing to our little piece of the world,” said Mrs. Clermont.

Today, please enjoy the creations of a middle school music student and a high school music student, as well as Ryan Truesdell, a Cairo-Durham alumnus ('09) who is a performer and composer. See the student videos below and click here for “Perpetual Sunrise,” a piece composed, performed and mixed by Truesdell.

Andrew Searing-Burke (7th grade)

Andrew plays "We are Young" by FUN

Arden Farnsworth-Moore (10th grade)

Arden accompanies herself singing "Hakuna Matata" by Elton John