Hybrid Changes Letter

November 6, 2020

Greetings CDMS families,

We have some very important changes coming up in November that we would like to share with you. The first is a change in the Hybrid Model of instruction for in-person students, and the second is a change to the date that students who are currently hybrid will transition to in-person if they chose to do so. All of these changes will impact you and your families, but we believe in the end we will all benefit immensely.

Hybrid Change:

As you know our current model has in-person students separated into two cohorts (red and blue) that each attend school two days a week and are remote three days a week. After viewing the results of our Quarter 2 Instructional Preference Survey, we realized that we could make a change which can safely allow more students in the building more frequently. Beginning Monday, November 30th, the new model will be as follows:

  • All in-person students will be divided into three cohorts A, B, or C. Those groups will rotate weekly so that two groups are always in person 5 days a week and the other group is remote.
  • Ex. Week 1: A + B (in person) and C (remote) Week 2: B + C (in person) and A (remote) Week 3: C + A (in person) and B (remote)

The advantages to this model are:

  1. It increases in-person learning by 40%, (10 days every 3 weeks instead of 6 days)
  2. It gives students 2 weeks in a row with their teachers for face to face instruction
  3. It allows all in-person classmates to work together throughout the rotational period. Right now Red and Blue Cohorts never see each other in person

Hybrid/Remote Changes for Quarter 2:

If your student was a remote learner during quarter 1 and has chosen hybrid for quarter 2, this change will begin on Monday, November 30th rather than Monday, November 16th. This change was made to avoid having students start one hybrid model, and then change models a week and half later. We apologize for any temporary inconvenience this may cause, but we are confident this change is in the best interest of our students. If your child was already hybrid and remaining hybrid, this change will not impact him/her. If your child was hybrid and has elected remote, your child may begin remote learning on Monday, November 16th.


  • November 10th - We will be hosting an informational Parent ZOOM meeting at 6pm for all middle school families. We will review the changes and answer your questions.
  • November 13th – Students will be notified to which Group they have been assigned (A, B, or C).
  • November 30th – New Hybrid Schedules will take effect beginning with Groups A and B in person. A weekly calendar will be provided with the rotations thereafter. Students who are switching from remote to hybrid will begin hybrid learning.

If you have any questions or concerns, you can reach me at 518-622-0490, ext: 45100. Have a great weekend!


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