Follow up to the December Study

In August 2013, the Board of Education requested a report examining the year-over-year cost difference of the grade level realignment plan.  This report, delivered in December, has been commonly called “the December Study.”  After reviewing the December Study, the Board requested a follow-up study to compare projected expense amounts for each expense category for fiscal year 2013-2014 to the actual expense amounts for fiscal year 2012-2013.  This projection report was delivered in January and discussed at the February 27 Board of Education meeting.

During the public participation section of the February 27, 2014 Board of Education meeting, the Board requested to apply a transportation aid amount to the figures found in the Projection Report.  The aid to be received on transportation expenses is $99,652.89.  This is calculated using the data on the last page of the Projection Report under “Summary” with the formula ($72,458.85+$27,743.32+$47,650.78) x 67.5%.

Also during the same meeting, it was stated by members of the District’s Transportation Department that the mileage difference comparing this year to last year is 60,000 miles, although the projection report only states 38,715 miles.  The additional 21,285 miles are associated with transporting the buses to New York Bus Sales Garage in Ravena, NY.  Since the purpose of this study was to compare expenses associated with the Re-alignment Plan, mileage to a repair garage was not included, as these miles would have been incurred regardless of the implementation of the Re-alignment Plan.

More detailed information is provided in the Projection Report, included below.

PDF icon December Study with Projections.pdf539.44 KB