End of the Year Letter from Mr. Stein

June 22, 2020

Dear Cairo-Durham families,

When I think back on this school year, it feels like so long ago the classrooms and halls were filled with teachers and students. So much in the world has changed and our school community has had to adapt to so much. Teachers had to completely change the way they delivered instruction. Students had to adapt to new ways of learning. Parents had to become intimately involved with their child's learning, all while balancing their family's needs.

The Cairo-Durham School community is no stranger to challenges, and this pandemic has certainly given us challenges no one saw coming. But what separates our community from others, is how we step up and face these challenges. We stand tall, collaborate, and solve the challenges together. We all knew learning must continue during the pandemic, so teachers, students and parents did what had to be done to keep learning alive in our district. You all deserve a huge Thank You!

This year our school began a new program called The Positivity Project. This character based education program is changing our school culture with a mindset that builds empathy and care for others. Together we recognized the positive character traits in each other and built relationships with a solid foundation. The Positivity Project will continue next year with a new motto of #positivityinAction and I am sure we will continue to see the impact in our school and community.

As you and your family begin this summer, take some time to rest and relax. Enjoy the small things in life which we used to take for granted. We may not have a summer like previous years, but the season doesn't make memories; people do.

I wish you all the best this summer and I hope to see everyones' smiling faces at school in September!


Mr. Christopher Stein

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