Daily Health Screening Test Emails (9/4 & 9/8)

September 3, 2020

As the first day of school approaches, we will be testing the electronic system for reporting daily health screening information. Parents/guardians will receive two test emails--one on Friday, September 4 and one on Tuesday, September 8--so you can see what the daily health screening procedure entails. You will need to submit this daily health screening for your child(ren) every morning before school, beginning on Wednesday, September 9.

How It Works

You will receive an email each morning with links to complete the brief health screening questionnaire for your child(ren) before sending them to school. The daily health screening asks Yes/No questions about recent travel, COVID exposure and temperature (i.e., does the student/faculty/staff member have a temperature of 100.0 degrees Fahrenheit or greater).

We will be using the secure platform EduForm (you may need to check your spam folder for a message with the subject "Daily Health Screening Entry" and allow EduForm as an approved contact). If you do not receive the test emails mentioned above, contact your school office to confirm your email address.

If you are unable to complete the daily health screening form (e.g., internet issues), please notify the main office of your child’s school as soon as possible so they can check your student’s temperature upon arrival:

  • Elementary School: 518-622-3231
  • Middle School: 518-622-0490
  • High School: 518-622-8543

This mandatory daily health screening is a new state requirement to help ensure the health and safety of our school community. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation.