Class of 2021 Senior Spotlights

Senior Spotlights Class of 2021

Last updated April 27, 2021

We are shining a spotlight on the CDHS Class of 2021! We will update this page through the remainder of the school year as 2021 Senior Spotlights are submitted. Seniors who wish to do a Senior Spotlight should email Mrs. Savoia at

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Zachary Abrams

Zachary AbramsZack is a student helper on the IT Team for the High School and Middle School (2016-2021).

Post-Graduation Plans
Zack plans to join the workforce.

Cairo-Durham Teacher/Staff Thank You and Shout Outs
The IT guys have been very fun and helpful in helping him learn about technology. Mrs. Maresco has been a very fun and inspiring teacher in the multiple classes he’s had with her, assisting Zack in discovering a passion for writing.



Ethan Acker

Ethan AckerEthan is a student in the Questar III Heavy Equipment Program and is a NTHS/High Honor Roll Student.

Post-Graduation Plans
Ethan plans to enter the work force.

Cairo-Durham Teacher/Staff Thank You and Shout Outs
Ethan would like to thank Mr. Agostinoni for being a really great geometry teacher and overall a cool teacher. Ethan would also like to thank Mr. Criswell for being a really good woodshop teacher and teaching him to enjoy wood working and make some really cool projects.




Taylor Leona Colarusso

Taylor Leona ColarussoI was on the girls’ basketball team since 7th grade, with an amazing coach. Thank you, Mrs. Mudge, for everything! Along with a great group of girls! I also played soccer during my junior and senior years of high school.

Post-Graduation Plans
I plan on attending SUNY Broome in the fall to become an X-ray technologist.

Cairo-Durham Teacher/Staff Thank You and Shout Outs
Thank you to all of my teachers! They always checked up and kept me on top of everything. Not only did they keep up with academics but the mental aspect as well! I’ve created a great bond with my teachers that I will never forget! Thank you to everyone!!



Alexandra Marie Fortini

Alexandra Marie Fortini I have played softball every year save 2020-2021 as covid put a skew in the universe. I was in sources of strength for two years and Interact Club for two years as well.

Post-Graduation Plans
I plan to attend SUNY Broome and then move onto a larger SUNY after the first two years.

Cairo-Durham Teacher/Staff Thank You and Shout Outs
I would like to thank Mrs. Miner for being one of the most brilliant minds I’ve ever encountered. Especially in the midst of her demise. I would like to bring attention to Mrs. Maresco as she has helped me to realize the purpose of existence. Thank you, Mary Savoia, for never letting the Durham familial enthusiasm die. Most importantly, thank god for the heart you carry. It is evident you would and have fought for us through every “suit and tie.” Lastly, thank you, Mr. Corbett, Mrs. G, and formerly Mrs. Tolan, as these are the people who motivated me to stay awake in school. Along with paving a concept of adult friendship

Kadie Galewaler

Kadie Galewaler has been a volunteer at Columbia Memorial Hospital over the last three years as she worked in Ambulatory Surgical Services, Gastroenterology, General Surgery, and Orthopedics. While working at Columbia Memorial, she maintained high grades, was a part of JV softball, scorekeeper for the varsity softball team, played Varsity Volleyball, and worked at TJ Maxx. Kadie has also been a part of the National Honor Society for two years and has helped out in her community at the Salvation Army Thrift Store and Hannaford Supermarket.

Post-Graduation Plans
Kadie plans on attending SUNY Oneonta, her dream school, as she always wanted to go here since she was in 8th grade. Kadie then plans to go onto medical school to get her doctorate in Orthopedics.

Cairo-Durham Teacher/Staff Thank You and Shout Outs
I want to say a special thank you to Mrs. Morton and Mr. Corbett for being someone I can talk to when applying for scholarships and being friends, Someone who can listen to me when I needed someone and a person that can write a heartfelt letter of recommendation! Thank you! I also want to add Mr. Pisano. Mr. Pisano is such a great teacher when it comes to psychology. That was literally the best course I have ever taken at Cairo-Durham. I was able to gain a lot of information in that class that better helped me in other courses such as Interpersonal communication, adolescent psychology, and child development. I cannot even imagine having taken General psychology when in college or by having another instructor. Mr. Pisano was such a professional when explaining psychological concepts and theories. You can tell that he enjoyed teaching this course.

I am happy to have taken psychology here. My advice is that if you want to take a psychology class, try really hard to have Mr. Pisano and don´t wait until college. Your experience here will be so much more rewarding.

Virginia Galewaler

Virginia has been part of the Varsity Volleyball Team as Captain for three years, as well as one year of Varsity Soccer. She also participated in three years of NHS and two years of the high school Yearbook Club.

Post-Graduation Plans
Virginia plans to go to SUNY New Paltz, majoring in Biology/Pre-med. Her Foreign Language is American Sign Language (ASL).

Cairo-Durham Teacher/Staff Thank You and Shout Outs
Virginia would like to thank Ms. Morton, Mr. Corbett, Mr. Pangburn, and Ms. O’flynn for being very active in her education and daily life. Virginia’s connections with these staff mean everything to her, and these people and memories will always be cherished.

Aryah Anne Kargoe

Aryah Anne Kargoe Aryah Kargoe is a musical and High Honor roll student at Cairo-Durham. She’s been in Band (9th-12th), Mixed Choir (9th-12th), Jazz Band (11th and 12th), Women’s Choir (12th), and Handbell Choir (12th). She was supposed to go to Area-All State this school year to play the trombone. She is also a part of the school’s Drama Club and has participated in our school’s musicals from 10th-12th grade.

Post-Graduation Plans
Aryah plans on attending SUNY Plattsburgh to major in Childhood Education (grades 1-6).

Cairo-Durham Teacher/Staff Thank You and Shout Outs
I would like to thank my music teachers, Mrs. Clermont and Mrs. Trembacz. Mrs. Clermont is one of the most helpful, kindest, and funniest teachers I’ve ever had. Mrs. Trembacz, you would always push me to do better with music and give amazing advice to myself and other students. You both always make my day, and high school wouldn’t have been the same without you both. I would also like to thank Mrs. Maresco and Mr. Gori for helping me during my sophomore and junior year. You both encouraged me to grow confidence within myself and told me to never give up on anything. You both made English 10 and 11 so memorable, and I will not forget our memories in class together.

Vinnie Keough

Vinnie Keough Vincent is a student who is determined to do his best and work his hardest for his grades and his community. He has participated in SOS (sources of strength) (2017-2021), GSA (gay-straight alliance) (2018-2021), and Drama Club (2017, 2019-2020). He is also an honor roll student.

Post-Graduation Plans
Vincent plans to go to Columbia-Greene to start his journey to become a dental assistant.

Cairo-Durham Teacher/Staff Thank You and Shout Outs
Thank you to Mrs. Maresco and Mr. Gori for providing an accepting and enriching learning environment for me. You made school externally enjoyable. I would also like to thank Mrs. Clermont and the Drama Department for making me feel accepted and expressing thoughts and feelings through acting and singing.


Alyvia Kuske

Alyvia Kuske Alyvia is a student-athlete on the JV Volleyball team (2019-2020).

Post-Graduation Plans
Undecided at this time

Cairo-Durham Teacher/Staff Thank You and Shout Outs
I want to thank Mrs. Lang for being there for me ever since 9th grade! You are very helpful and make English very entertaining.






Katelynn Rose Ross

Katelynn Rose Ross Katelynn has typically stuck her head in books rather than athletic activities. She has been in Student Council in 9th Grade, a member of Sources of Strength from Grades 9-12, GSA from Grades 10-12, and made it into National Honors Society and National Art Honors Society Grades 11-12. Kate is also a High Honor Roll/Honor Roll student and always trying her best to ensure her grades are at the peak of what she can get

Post-Graduation Plans
Katelynn has not decided on what college to go to yet and, though her peers disapprove of this decision, she plans to take some time off from school to get a job and earn some money for that significant chapter in her life. She intends to major in Biology and aspires to become a Surgical Nurse or a Biochemist. If that doesn't pan out, she would love to dive into the realm of politics and law enforcement and maybe work her way to becoming a detective!

Cairo-Durham Teacher/Staff Thank You and Shout Outs
"Elementary and Middle School was the worst school experience I could have ever faced. With the anticipation of me facing the same problems in High School, I was quite dumbfounded when I was hit with a completely different reality. There are so many teachers I have to thank for helping me and guiding me to ensure I am putting the fullest potential I could ever possibly muster.

Thank you, my English teachers, Ms. Morton, Ms. Maresco, Mr. Gori, and Ms. Squires, and Mr. Corbett, for allowing me to unlock and work around that minuscule part of creativity in my mind and express those thoughts and ideas onto paper. Thank you for helping me throughout my troubling times and always being aspiring and helpful regardless of the situation.

For my Science teachers, thank you, Mr. DeMaria, Mr. Pangburn; especially, Mr. Giammarco, and Ms. Manoli, for allowing me to be interested in the sciencey part of the world as it was typically a boring topic for me. Thank you, Mr. DeMaria, for being an awesome teacher; going to your class was always a blast; even though I didn't understand the material well, the jokes and poking fun now and then when students misbehaved were great. Thank you, Mr. Pangburn, especially. I thought I would hate biology, but you made the class so interesting, and you've helped me a lot during hard times! As Chemistry was quite a troubling year, Mr. G, thank you for trying hard to help our class. You motivated me to work hard in that class, despite the conflicts that arose during that time, and made Chemistry interesting! Thank you, Ms. Manoli, for creating online courses enjoyable and entertaining and also explaining all the mathematical stuff much more straightforward than it appears to be. You make online classes enjoyable, so thank you.

Thank you, Ms. Cavanagh and Ms. Kubicek, and Mr. Pisano, for my history teachers, for being all the history stuff interesting to learn. Ms. C and Ms. K, you helped me a lot and helped boost my motivation to continue working hard and persevere. I'm going to miss the silly shenanigans our class brought every day. Thank you, Mr. Pisano, for making online learning very flexible and manageable with assignments! It was a blast learning about Psychology and how our government works.

Thank you, Mr. Agostinoni, Ms. Ivino, and Ms. Jones, for math teachers, for making math really fun! Math is my worse subject, and I think it might be a genetic problem, honestly. My family sucks at it too. Mr. Agostinoni, thank you for being funny and making math fun to learn. Instead of staring at boring packets all day, you taught us how to remember all the calculations in humorous ways, which some I still remember. Thank you, Ms. Ivino, for bearing with me and also, too, make math entertaining. Once remote learning happened, I appreciate that you cared about us a lot and kept in touch with everything! Thank you, Ms. Jones for making online learning manageable and giving us numerous ways to understand everything given. I've remembered better with all these different calculations more because of it!

Thank you, Ms. Little, for kicking in the tiny creative side that is locked far away in my brain and giving me the motivation to work on my drawing skills! Going to your classes always made my day because of the positive energy you carry; I will most certainly miss that. Thank you, Mr. Farrell, for being awesome in general and getting me motivated to work out and exercise. Gym glass was my favorite class, and I enjoyed having to take out study halls to do a double-gym class when I was absent. Thank you, Ms. Maassmann, for making Computer Essentials extremely joyful and entertaining to be in. Your humorous and bright personality made my day all the time, and you are joking around just made each day a little better. Lastly, thank you, Ms. Drossel, for being a HUGE help throughout high school. You've always kept in touch with me and always guided me in the right direction. When I was in a huge pickle with finding a home and all those personal problems, you've gone out of your way to help. You've always checked in on how we were doing, and I am forever grateful for all the kind things you have done for my family and me. I cannot express how thankful I am because of it."

Ultimately, the entire staff and teachers that reside in the High School deserve a massive "Thank You" for always being able to motivate me to do my best and for making my High School years into something memorable. I am going to miss this school very much.

Alek Wagor

Alek Wagor Alek is a student-athlete on the JV Basketball 9-12 grade team.

Post-Graduation Plans
He plans to attend Waynesburg University to major in sports management and play baseball.

Cairo-Durham Teacher/Staff Thank You and Shout Outs
Mr. D for being the first teacher I felt like I could talk to and have a relationship with in high school, and Mr. A for having more influence on my life than I could’ve imagined and being a true friend.