Clarification for Grading and Student Expectations (Grs. 6-12)

April 8, 2020

Dear Parents and Guardians,

The administration and faculty have worked diligently to outline general grading expectations during our extended closure. This information is currently on our school website, but may be adjusted if our closure extends beyond April 28th.

Although this information continues to shift, we wish to clarify expectations for your child so that they can be successful and earn credits needed to progress to the next grade level or to graduate. The way instruction can work from home can only be successful with your help and with participation from your child during the fourth quarter.

The fourth quarter marking period began March 18th. Grades during the fourth quarter will be determined as follows:

  • Teachers will continue to assess student work during the 4th quarter and provide students and parents with relevant feedback on the work that was submitted.
  • Teachers have been encouraged to be flexible and modify expectations when appropriate to err on the side of the child.
  • At this time, teachers may only submit grades to Schooltool (must select the box “do not include in average”) for purposes of providing students with feedback. These grades will not be calculated in the final quarterly or yearly average.
  • Students must complete work and engage appropriately in order to pass the course regardless of whether we return to school and proceed with traditional instruction or not.

Our teachers are working tirelessly to reach out to students via email, Google tools, phone calls, and mailed packets for those without internet accessibility. We understand that students may not have their usual school provided supports in place during the closure. However, it is critical that students work with their teachers and complete their assignments to the best of their ability.

We know that the way school works has changed due to Covid-19, but we want to support you and your children as we navigate our new way of providing instruction.

Cairo-Durham Administration