Changes to Transportation Procedures (2018-19)

August 2018

In the interest of increased student safety, please be advised of the following changes to our transportation procedures for the 2018-19 school year:

Bus Stop Pick-Up Authorization

In order to maintain the safety of our youngest students and those who rely on adults for help, we have adopted a new transportation procedure requiring parent(s)/guardian(s) or other persons approved by parent(s)/guardian(s) to be present to receive a K - 5 or a special needs student at the bus stop. If the parent/guardian or designated person is not present at the bus stop, the student will be sent back to his/her school. We will not allow a neighbor, friend, etc. who is not authorized by you, in writing, to take your child off the bus. Your child’s safety is our top priority.

To allow another person(s) other than yourself to receive your child(ren) at their bus stop, please download and complete this permission form (PDF) to indicate who is authorized to receive your child at the bus stop (other than you). Please submit the completed permission form to the Transportation Department.

If you have questions, please contact the Transportation Office at 518-622-2236.


Bus Pass Procedures (commonly referred to as a Bus Note)

  1. The district will no longer use “daily” bus passes (except for emergencies as approved by the building principal).This still allows for multiple bus pick up and drop off locations, but on an annually established basis only (not on a weekly or monthly basis). The elimination of daily bus passes will help eliminate student confusion regarding which bus they need to be on and will help ensure students are safely delivered to the correct location. It will also help with the efficiency of the bus runs as they will remain consistent. This is especially important in the case of substitute bus drivers.
  2. Parents/guardians can designate up to two “permanent” A.M. pick-up and two P.M. drop off locations. These should be established for the entire school year. This will help accommodate families where parents reside in separate households and working families with day care providers or sitters.

We realize that even "permanent" locations may change over the course of the year, such as when a childcare arrangement changes or a parent changes jobs. In such cases, we ask that parents/guardians establish the new "permanent" bus pass. Verbal requests for such changes will not be accepted.

To change your child’s “permanent” pick-up and/or drop off locations, please download and complete this Request for Transportation form (PDF), and return it to the Transportation Department (Phone: 518-622-2236 or Fax: 518-622-3021).


Riding Other Buses/Bus Passes

There are numerous factors to consider before a student is allowed to ride a bus other than their assigned one, or get off at a different stop. If riding the late bus, the student must be staying after for a school-approved reason and have a bus pass from the teacher/staff they are staying with.

  • The requested bus stop needs to be on an established route.
  • There needs to be adequate space on the bus for guest student(s).
  • A student always needs a bus pass that is issued by their school to present to the bus driver. This pass must list the student name, bus stop location, and bus route.
  • Students will not be allowed to go to different locations for afterschool “play dates.”
  • Students will not be dropped off at places of business (e.g., the Fitness Center for membership holders) with the exception of after school jobs, on an established bus run, with the approval of the building Principal.
  • If a family is experiencing a ‘daycare emergency’, a bus pass can be issued at the discretion of the school Principal.
  • If a student is getting on the bus in the morning at a stop other than his/her own, that student must have a note from the parent/guardian to do so to present to the bus driver.

To change your child’s “permanent” pick-up and/or drop off locations, please download and complete this Request for Transportation form (PDF), and return it to the Transportation Department (Phone: 518-622-2236 or Fax: 518-622-3021).

You can also get the request form by contacting your school’s main office, the Transportation Office (518-622-2236), or visiting the Transportation webpage.

All K thru 5 students and special needs students – all grades MUST have an authorized person to receive them at their stop at the end of each day. The Transportation Department will need a list of any and all persons authorized to receive your child each afternoon. This can include baby sitters, neighbors and students 12 years or older. A driver may ask for identification to verify an unknown adult.

Click here to download the Bus Stop Authorization Form, or get a paper copy in the school offices or the Transportation Department. If you want your child to get off the bus without an authorized person to receive them and want them to be allowed to get off by themselves, please send a signed letter to the Transportation Department stating such.


Contact Information

Transportation Supervisor - Roger Vaughn

Head Bus Driver - Herb Schwanse, Jr.

Phone Number: 518-622-2236

Fax Number: 518-622-3021