Capital Project Update - October 2016

This letter provides an update on the current status of the Cairo-Durham CSD capital building project, released by Superintendent Taibi on October 6, 2016:


Hello Cairo-Durham Families,

As was discussed in our summer update, significant portions of the Phase 2 work of our capital building project were delayed due to several circumstances, starting with the amount of time that our project was awaiting approval from the New York State Education Department (SED). Furthermore, the bids that were received were not in line with our project budget. Rather than scale the project back, the district opted to rebid the project to ensure that every effort was made to stay within budget and complete all of the work outlined in the original scope of work.  

We are happy to report that new bids have been approved and work is now underway on the remaining aspects of the project. Over the next few months we will have construction work taking place at both the elementary school and the high school. All of this work is part of our capital building project and encompasses the remaining aspects of the original $3.31 million project that was approved in October of 2014.  

All of the Phase 1 work was started in the summer of 2015, as originally projected, with the remaining work scheduled for completion during the summer of 2016.  Unfortunately, as previously discussed, the delayed approval by SED made completing all of this work over the summer impossible. However, we are excited that much of this work is now or will be underway quickly, with much of the work completed in the next few months.

At the elementary school, you will see the following occur over the next few months:

  • Removal of the existing playground (that has since been replaced by our exciting new playground) to make way for much needed additional parking on the west side of the parking lot.

  • Relocation of the elementary bus loop to the back of the building in order to streamline dismissal procedures and increase safety and security. This will also help to lessen bus traffic at the front of the elementary school and ease parent vehicular traffic at arrival and dismissal.

  • Single point of entry at the front entrance of the elementary school. As discussed in the project proposal, one of the main features is enhancing the security of the building and ensuring that traffic coming into and out of the building can be appropriately controlled. This work will occur either over the next few months or will have to wait until spring/summer, depending upon the weather (let’s hope for a mild fall and delayed winter…)

At the middle/high school, the following work is planned for the next few months:

  • Parking lot resurfacing, relining and new lighting to improve traffic flow and increase safety.  

  • High School cafeteria work will have to be completed next summer due to the scope of the work and the need for this work to take place without students and staff in the building.   


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