Basic Needs Boxes to Prevent Bullying

fifth grade class at Walmart

Research shows that bullying can have negative impacts on a student’s ability to learn, potentially depriving them of their education. That’s why Mrs. Williams’ fifth grade class created an initiative to help students feel more confident and engaged in the classroom.

The class discussed what they could do to help others in their school community after they learned hygiene and lack of cleanliness are top reasons for harassment or bullying.

They decided to put together “basic need boxes” that would include useful items a child may need in order to feel clean before coming to school. Using money raised from chocolate lollipop sales, the students purchased items like socks, soap, toothpaste, detergent and more to make the basic needs boxes.

In total, Mrs. Williams’ class put together 22 basic needs boxes that can be anonymously distributed from the main office to students who may need them! The intention is to quietly help some students feel better about their hygiene so they can feel more confident and engaged in the classroom.

This was a great display of CDE’s November character traits of Kindness and Gratitude.