About Cairo-Durham Middle School

Cairo-Durham Middle School houses students in grades 6-8, who are preparing for the increased academic rigor of high school. Faculty, sensitive to this critical time in students' lives, begin work with students relating to their college and career selections.

Classrooms are equipped with computers, projectors, live cameras, and other technology designed to give a multimedia rich lessons. Online videos, 3D models, science labs, maps, and more can be easily shared to the entire class at the same time.

By using online gradebooks, teachers make grades, attendance, and homework assignments available to parents and students. This rapid feedback keeps parents informed without having to visit the school and helps students make up any missing work.

Other Internet-enabled tools, such as Google Drive, allow students to continue school-work at home and bring in homework with fewer technical barriers.

The school day begins at 7:35am and ends at 2:14pm. Late buses leave at 3:30pm on Monday through Thursday, enabling students to see teachers for after-school help.

Cairo-Durham Middle School
1301 Route 145
Cairo, NY 12413

Mailing Address
Cairo-Durham Middle School
PO Box 1139
Cairo, NY 12413

Phone: 518-622-0490
Fax: 518-622-0493

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