Traffic Safety Letter Campaign

Flyer showing road signs for Traffic Safety Letter Campaign

As a result of a fatal car accident in 2011, Cairo-Durham CSD lobbied very hard to get a traffic light installed at the entrance to the Middle/High School campus on Route 145, however its request was denied by the Department of Transportation.  Instead, the DOT’s solution was to reduce the speed limit to 45 mph on this stretch of Route 145.  Mr. Fitzgerald’s accident on May 3rd reinforces that this is an unsafe intersection.  It is clear that reducing the speed limit is not enough.

Once again, CDCSD is actively seeking a permanent solution to prevent any more injuries or loss of life.  The incident on May 3rd is the second serious accident to occur at that location in five years.  

On June 1st, Superintendent Taibi presented to the Greene County legislature's Public Safety Committee on this matter (read more via The Daily Mail).  Thank you to everyone who submitted a letter of support to assist Mr. Taibi's presentation.  

Prior to this meeting, Mr. Taibi sent a letter to state and local officials asking for necessary change to the intersection (click the link to read the letter or download the PDF at the bottom of this page).  The short video below, which demonstrates the limited sight line of drivers turning left into the school entrance, is referenced in Mr. Taibi's letter:

This process will be ongoing as the district and local elected officials work together to make change happen.  We will continue to accept letters supporting a traffic light at the CDMS/HS entrance so if you agree that a more effective solution is needed before another accident occurs at this intersection, please write a letter to show your support for the installation of a traffic light at the entrance to CDMS/CDHS on Route 145.  Send letters to: P.O. Box 780, Cairo, NY 12413 (or via email at



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