Information Technology Department

The Information Technology Department (or just “I.T.”) supports the district’s instructional and business use of computers, copiers, projectors, and much more. It is I.T.’s job to make sure that everyone in the district can do their jobs, and to ensure that students and teachers have the tools they need to maximize educational opportunities through available technology.

Contact Us

If you need technical support, you can reach us at If it is time sensitive, you can call extension 59500 from any building phone (or 518-622-8543, ext. 59500 from an outside line). 

Connected Learning Vision Statement

Cairo-Durham Central School District’s Digital Learning Vision is to provide students with a technology diverse learning environment encouraging collaboration, fostering real-world communicationorganization and future forward opportunities.  This environment, cognizant of the geographic barriers associated with a rural school district, will prepare students to be creative, innovative and successful leaders in a global society.