Student of the Month

The Cairo-Durham Teacher Association each month in the High School nominates and votes for candidates for a Student of the Month Award. Teachers nominate and vote for a student who shows that they are dedicated to their studies, show good academic effort, demonstrate appropriate school behavior and participate in school and community activities for community service.

CD High School Student of the Month - September 2019

Congratulations to Olivia MacGiffert, chosen as the Cairo-Durham High School Student of the Month for September 2019! Without hesitation, Olivia chose her music teacher, Mrs. Clermont, as the teacher to be pictured with her as she received this award. Olivia has an extremely strong passion for the field of music and Mrs. Clermont has played a large role in supporting that passion. When asked about her enjoyments/interests, Olivia responded, “All things related to the Music Department!” She has played the clarinet since 4th grade, was a member of the bell choir, participated in the NYSSMA Solo for three years, All County Chorus for six years, All County Band for three years, and was involved in our Cairo-Durham HS musical for four years. Olivia seems to have “music in her blood” and it is no surprise that she plans to pursue a career in music education. Her extracurricular activities and work experience have been excellent foundations for this goal. She has worked as a Vacation Bible School youth counselor for three years, babysitter for several community families, and a farm assistant for one of our CDE Kindergarten teachers. In addition, she remains “fit,” and will clearly be able to keep up with all that the education field requires as she participates on our CDHS Soccer and Track teams! In regard to academics, she is a student whose diligence and extreme level of determination is widely known and appreciated within our district. She has chosen a rigorous curriculum that includes several Honors-level courses, was inducted into the Junior National Honor Society in Middle School and has been on the High Honor roll for all of Middle School as well as for her entire first year of High School. Everyone at CD recognizes her desire to succeed, willingness to work hard, and her friendly, respectful, responsible personality. Olivia was chosen for this award in 6th grade and it is a privilege to be acknowledging her continued efforts with it once again as she begins her Sophomore year. We are honored to have Olivia with us at Cairo-Durham; she is a positive and motivating example to all!

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