Student of the Month

The Cairo-Durham Teacher Association each month in the High School nominates and votes for candidates for a Student of the Month Award. Teachers nominate and vote for a student who shows that they are dedicated to their studies, show good academic effort, demonstrate appropriate school behavior and participate in school and community activities for community service.

CD High School Student of the Month - November 2020

Congratulations to Kayden Bell, chosen as the Cairo-Durham High School Student of the Month for November 2020! It is a great pleasure to be able to recognize Kayden in this way. He is an amazingly diligent student, both academically and socially. Even with the changes that we are experiencing in regard to education this year, Kayden has continued to persevere and maintain the high standards that he has always set for himself in regard to his academic responsibilities. In the past he has been on the honor roll and now, for the first quarter of his Freshman year, he earned a spot on the high honor roll! CD teachers appreciate his consistent, respectful, and determined personality and look forward to working with him throughout his high school career. In addition to his school work, Kayden enjoys the great outdoors and the culture of farming and construction. He has worked on farms since he was a small child, loves running large equipment/machinery such as tractors, skid steers, and excavators! His other interests include his dune buggy, working on cars with his dad, and helping his mom take care of the livestock. In line with his caring/generous spirit, one that sincerely desires to help anyone in need, and his love of animals, Kayden is interested in becoming a NYS K9 Trooper! He enjoys donating necessary items to individuals within our community as well as helping at the local food pantry, and this career interest/choice certainly further demonstrates his desire to be an advocate for others. CD is blessed to have such a kind-hearted individual among us, exemplifying to all, the essence of education/learning.

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