Jean Bailey

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Jean Bailey is an honors graduate ranked sixth in the Cairo-Durham High School graduating class of 2019. Throughout their four years of high school, Jean was a member of the National Art Honor Society and has participated in a variety of community volunteer activities such as serving for senior citizen dinners, helping to make the set for the school play, volunteering for field day activities and car washing at the elementary school, doing an art service for senior citizens at a nursing home, and many more. She received high recognition in the areas of French, English, Biology, Math, Health, and Art. As a recognition for their achievements, Jean was awarded a RIT scholarship during eleventh grade. Jean has participated in various honors and AP courses throughout their life at Cairo-Durham, all the way since eighth grade. In her spare time, Jean likes to do outdoor activities, photography, video games, and taking care of animals. In the fall, Jean plans to attend SUNY Cobleskill to major in the field of Wildlife Biology and Management. In the future, Jean would love to move on to become a marine biologist and live near the ocean to study animal biology within ocean environments.