Wayne Brown

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Wayne Brown is an honors graduate of the Cairo-Durham High School Class of 2019. Wayne is a member of the National Society of High School Scholars. He has been recognized over the years for Outstanding Achievement and Exemplary Performance in several areas of study and has maintained high honor roll throughout all four years. Wayne received the Clarkson University Achievement Award in his junior year and most recently, a certificate of excellence for Outstanding Achievement for Columbia-Greene Community College in the High School Coursework. Wayne played JV and Varsity baseball in 9th and 10th grade, was a member of the Varsity bowling team grades 9 through 11, has participated in student council, has held a class officer position and has been a member of the Principal’s Student Panel. Wayne’s course of study throughout high school was honors and college classes, while his main focus was engineering. As a senior, Wayne chose to pursue the CTE program, Heavy Equipment Operations and Maintenance and upon completion, he will be certified in several areas of this field. After graduation, Wayne plans to pursue employment in the field of Heavy Equipment as a operator. He has been offered several opportunities locally.