About Cairo-Durham CSD

The Cairo-Durham Central School District is home to approximately 1,200 students. Situated in a close-knit, rural community, our district is comprised of three schools operating within two buildings: Cairo-Durham High School, Cairo-Durham Middle School and Cairo-Durham Elementary School.

See our district "at a glance" (download PDF, 580 KB).

Our schools are centers of learning and community life. For instance, community members, parents and students enjoy our state-of-the-art media center, high school concerts and sporting events.

In addition, our district is a leader among New York State schools in enabling Internet connections, wireless networking, audio/video equipment in every classroom, and establishing fully networked computer labs in each school. In 2017, Cairo-Durham was awarded the status of a Google for Education Reference District. CDCSD joins about 150 school districts nationwide—and only 11 districts in New York State—in receiving this status.

It is our community connection and ability to advance learning through technology and innovation that makes us unique. Our classroom and curriculum innovations allow us to succeed.

The success of every student is important to us. It is for our students that we continue to explore new ways to help them to excel, not just succeed, in school and in life.

The Cairo-Durham Central School District is made up of the following three schools and district office:

District Office
424 Main St.
P.O. Box 780
Cairo, NY 12413

Phone: 518-622-8534
Fax: 518-622-9566

Superintendent: Michael Wetherbee
Business Manager: Jeffrey Miriello
Treasurer: Amanda McCabe

Cairo-Durham Elementary School
424 Main St.
P.O. Box 1090
Cairo, NY 12413

Phone: 518-622-3231
Fax: 518-622-9060

Principal: Mr. Christopher Stein
Assistant Principal: Ms. Danielle Czech

Cairo-Durham Middle School
1301 Route 145
P.O. Box 1139
Cairo, NY 12413

Phone: 518-622-0490
Fax: 518-622-0493

Principal: Mr. Dotan Schips
Assistant Principal: Mr. Joseph Witazek

Cairo-Durham High School
1301 Route 145
P.O. Box 598
Cairo, New York 12413

Phone: 518-622-8543
Fax: 518-622-8857

Principal: Mr. Jeremy Moore
Assistant Principal: Mr. Joseph Witazek

If you have something school-related you would like posted on the site, if you notice something incorrect, or if you have difficulty accessing certain content on the website, please contact District Communications at communications@cairodurham.org