CD High School Student of the Month - April 2019

Congratulations to Jordan Metzler, chosen as the Cairo-Durham High School Student of the Month for April 2019!  Jordan has chosen her art teacher, Mrs. Little, to represent her as she receives this award. Jordan is a creative, intuitive, and dedicated student!  She is currently finishing up her Junior year here at Cairo-Durham and looking forward to seeing what her Senior year holds. Jordan loves “the arts.” She is a member of the Art Honor Society, was awarded with an Exemplary Performance AP Studio Art Certificate and also was  recognized as the Art Student of the Quarter in 2018. Not only is she creative-minded, but she is also Science-minded (having earned the Science Student of the Quarter 2019 Award). Jordan is reasonable, logical and enjoys a good argument; a skill that she has been able to put to good use as a member of our Mock Trial Team.  Both teachers and students alike, appreciate Jordan’s thoughtful personality as she works hard academically and in extracurricular areas as well, such as being a part of the Yearbook staff in an effort help preserve memories for all! Her “sport of choice” is tennis, where she demonstrates her commitment to her team and to her coach.  On her own time, Jordan has worked within our community at the Winter Clove Resort in Roundtop, Ski Windham, and at our local Zoom Flume Water Park in East Durham. Jordan is an avid reader who spends much of her relaxing time with a book in her hand, delving into the vast worlds that literature provides. She loves nature and enjoys spending time hiking, painting, and drawing all of the wonders that she is able to explore, physically and through her literary mind.  We are thrilled to be able to recognize Jordan for all of her efforts and are sincerely grateful for the wonderful example that she is to all. Congratulations Jordan!