CD High School Student of the Month - December 2018

Congratulations to Colleen Unzelman, chosen as the Cairo-Durham High School Student of the Month for December! Colleen has chosen her AP World History teacher, Mrs. Giarrusso to represent her in this photograph.
Colleen is among our hardest-working students at Cairo-Durham and has already, as a freshman, earned the respect and admiration of her teachers. She has a full course load with Honors and AP classes and also serves on our Student Principal Panel in an effort to advocate for student/teacher/administration connections and rapport. As a middle school student, Colleen earned several awards including the John Hopkins Program award. Outside of school, she continues to express her caring personality by obtaining knowledge of first aid in order to support her babysitting work/experience. In her spare time, Colleen spends much of her time reading! She is a passionate and avid reader who enjoys literary analysis and discussion. It is a pleasure to be celebrating Colleen; we look forward to all that she will accomplish and offer our district throughout the coming years!