Student of the Month

The Cairo-Durham Teacher Association each month in the High School nominates and votes for candidates for a Student of the Month Award. Teachers nominate and vote for a student who shows that they are dedicated to their studies, show good academic effort, demonstrate appropriate school behavior and participate in school and community activities for community service.

CD High School Student of the Month - May 2021

Congratulations to James Mutinsky, chosen as the Cairo-Durham High School Student of the month for May 2021! James is pictured here with his English teacher, Mr. Corbett, a teacher whom he respects greatly. James is just completing his junior year at CD. He is an extremely hard-working and responsible student both academically and socially. He has thoroughly demonstrated the necessary characteristics to become a National Honor Society member, by taking and excelling in honors-level courses; working with the Backpack Program as a part of the Interact Club; expressing collaboration and teamwork as he played Varsity Soccer and Basketball; and working as well as participating in travel Soccer within and around our community. James has received awards for Exemplary Performance and Outstanding Academic Achievement in both AP and Honors Courses. In addition to Cairo-Durham awards, James received awards for scholarships at the University of Rochester and Clarkson University. He has held himself to high standards and maintained an average worthy of the high honor roll. James enjoys skiing at Windham Mountain, helping others with lawn care, and playing sports in his free time. Teachers say that James is an example to all. He rises above the expected standard and goes out of his way to meet his many obligations. As a NHS member James has shadowed the senior officers, dedicating far more time and effort than required. He has been called a “quiet hero.” Certainly, James is worthy of this award and an asset to our district in every way. We appreciate his diligence, responsibility, and respect. Congratulations James; well done!

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