Student of the Month

The Cairo-Durham Teacher Association each month in the High School nominates and votes for candidates for a Student of the Month Award. Teachers nominate and vote for a student who shows that they are dedicated to their studies, show good academic effort, demonstrate appropriate school behavior and participate in school and community activities for community service.

CD High School Student of the Month - January 2020

Congratulations to Caitlyn Loucks, Cairo-Durham High School’s Student of the Month for January 2020! She has chosen Mrs. Mudge, her Math teacher, to be pictured with her as she receives this award. Caitlyn has exhibited the admirable trait of consistency in that she also received student of the month last year in February! Her diligence and dedication has been recognized by her teachers, club advisers, and coaches. Caitlyn is a member of the Junior Honor Society and has demonstrated the four pillars of the society through her respectful and admirable character, excellent academic record, participating in the yearbook club and on our Junior Varsity Basketball team, and working within our community at the Children’s Learning Center at Windham Mountain. Not only has she played for our CD basketball team, but she enjoys playing basketball in her free time as well. It is always refreshing to be able to reward these positive attributes in students. We greatly appreciate Caitlyn and are proud to have her among our Cairo-Durham students. She is a welcome example to all!

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