About Cairo-Durham High School

Cairo-Durham High School houses students in grades 9-12, who follow a hybrid schedule of both alternate day block and everyday courses. High school students are offered a broad range of activities, including band, chorus, drama, student government and interscholastic sports. Combining classroom and project-based learning, the faculty encourages critical thinking and problem solving.

In addition, Advanced Placement courses as well as College Connections courses are available for students to earn college credit throughout their high school careers. Students are exposed to a variety of different learning opportunities including Distance Learning and the Project Lead the Way pre-engineering program.

Classrooms are technology rich, equipped with computers, projectors, document cameras, and other technology designed to give multimedia rich lessons. Online videos, 3D models, science labs, maps, and more can be easily shared to the entire class at the same time.

By using online gradebooks, teachers make grades, attendance, and homework assignments available to parents and students. This rapid feedback keeps parents informed.

Other Internet-enabled tools, such as Google Drive, allow students to bridge school and home to make sure that their work is easily accessible so that students always have access to their information no matter where they are.

The school day begins at 7:35am and ends at 2:14pm. Late buses leave at 3:30pm on Monday through Thursday, enabling students to see teachers for after-school help.

Street Address:
Cairo-Durham High School
1301 Route 145
Cairo, New York 12413

Mailing Address:
Cairo-Durham High School
P.O. Box 598
Cairo, New York 12413

Phone: 518-622-8543
Fax: 518-622-8857

Principal: Mr. Jeremy Moore
MS/HS Assistant Principal: Mr. Joseph Witazek

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