Budget Summary (2019-20)

(May 3, 2019) -- The Board of Education recently added the following position to the 2019-20 budget proposal:

  • A full-time Social Worker at the elementary school to support students and help mitigate some of the factors that impinge on student achievement 

The addition of this position does not require any cuts to current staffing or programming, nor does it affect the total dollar amount of the proposed budget. 

Board of Education Candidates (2019-20)

Four (4) seats on Cairo-Durham’s Board of Education are up for election on May 21. The terms of Dr. Peter Byrne, Dennis Burke, Robert MacGiffert and Gary Warner will expire on June 30, 2019. Three of the seats are three-year, non-paid terms ending in 2022. One seat is a one-year, non-paid term ending on June 30, 2020. The candidate with the fourth highest number of votes will receive the one-year seat.

Purchase of Buses (2019-20)

school buses

A separate proposition on the May 21 ballot seeks voter approval to purchase six (6) school buses at a cost not to exceed $646,060 (before state aid reimbursement, bond interest and estimated trade-in value). Of the six new buses, five would be large 65-passenger buses and one would be a smaller, 23-passenger bus with accessibility features (e.g., wheelchair lift).