Current Board Members

A local Board of Education is an agency of New York State governed by New York State law and the regulations of the Commissioner of Education. The Cairo-Durham Central School District Board of Education has the power to develop policies, rules and regulations for the operation of our school system. There are nine residents who serve, without pay, on the district's school board. On the third Tuesday in May, three members are elected on a rotating basis to a three-year term of office.


To contact the CDCSD Board of Education, please email

2021-2022 Board of Education

Ms. Elizabeth Daly, President
Mr. Brian Coletti, Vice President
Mrs. Nyrelle Colon, Board Clerk

Stephen Brandow (Member Term 2020-2023)
Brian Coletti (Member Term 2021-2024)
Elizabeth Daly (Member Term 2021-2024)
Tonya Frickey (Member Term 2021-2022)
Bernadette Gavin-Palmieri (Member Term 2020-2023)
Dale Handel (Member Term 2019-2022)
Todd Hilgendorff (Member Term 2019-2022)
Christopher O'Connell (Member Term 2021-2024)
Claudia Zucker (Member Term 2020-2023)